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90Faces: Jean

Face#05: Jean

There are two girls in my group of high school friends that we call Aquino Squared. That’s because they’re two girls with the exact same surname and they always seem to come in a package deal. When one comes to the gathering, the other usually follows and if one doesn’t come, well, you get what I mean. 

This is the first of the Aquino Squared (I did this alphabetically), Jean.

This was some time ago. My hair was shorter, darker and I still had bangs. I blame Jean’s schedule for our lack in recent photos together. She is a registered nurse who’s schedule dictates when we can and cannot see her. And I forever find it odd why she randomly texts and doesn’t reply after I reply. Odd. 

But I love Jean. We’ve been friends since Freshman year in high school (although we’ve been classmates a few times in the past). I suppose Harry Potter brought us together, and the fact that we didn’t like the same characters (or actors) from the series let us complement each other better. 

She is someone whom I know will give me the brutal truth if I asked it from her. She is one of the most frank people I know and I totally accept the truth if it came from her. I don’t know what about her gives off this air of authority, but when she tells me the truth, I know it’s because she cares for me and wants to make sure I’m okay (must be her inner-nurse). 

Of everyone in our group, we consider her to be the mother of us all. I hardly recall a reunion when I don’t hear her start some sentence with "Dapat kasi ang gawin mo…" (“What you should do is…”) and only with her do I not think it’s being know-it-all because you do believe that she knows it. 

She’s also one of the funniest people I know. I don’t mean in terms of comedic timing, because she doesn’t make jokes on purpose. When I say comedic, she is just a source of comedy and it’s all natural. Whether it’s because she said something funny, or said something that merits an “ooooh, buuuurn!”, she just does something that makes us burst into laughter. 

Jean never fails to impress me. She knows who she is, the people she deals with, how to do things and just is herself. I always try to take leaves and leaves out of her book with some failure. And, funny, when I say that, I really do feel like she is my mom in some way because she’s someone I admire. :)