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90Faces: Raisa

Face#06: Raisa

Yesterday I introduced you to the first half of Aquino Squared (half? root?), Jean. Today, please meet Raisa! :)

Believe it or not, just like Jean, one of the biggest reasons she and I became friends was because of Harry Potter. And just like Jean, it was because they liked Dan and I liked Rupert. No competition or debate, I’m into that friendship. And thus.

Raisa is only also a day older than I am, making us almost twins (but not really—at all)! She’s also very naturally funny. I don’t know if it’s because of her child-like voice, or just her light mood. Her laugh is also quite hilarious. Sometimes I laugh just because of her laugh—which shouldn’t make sense but it does.

Just like with all of my friends, we’ve travelled long roads together both figuratively and literally. She used to live in Laguna and we actually managed to go to her house once or twice during high school! 

I’ve hit rough patches with her as well. I guess any healthy relationship both romantic and friendly go through it—because how will it grow and mature? I’m glad to say though that she’s still a very good friend of mine. 

I think of all my friends, she has progressed the most in terms of career. Perhaps it’s because she graduated quickly from college and has been in “the real world” longer, or because she is just that good at what she does. Either way, she is the peg for myself on my career timetable when it comes to advancing toward the next step. 

Honestly speaking, there a lot of things about Raisa that surprise me. I guess because we’ve had this perception of her being child-like (is it the voice?) that some of the advancements in her life surprise us (okay, maybe just me?) when she tells us about them. Case in point is, she’s getting her own condo! :O So exciting and unexpected! But I’m glad she does (surprise us) because that means our friendship is always still fresh and we continue to get to know more about each other.

I don’t know how to end this, so. End.

90Faces: Jean

Face#05: Jean

There are two girls in my group of high school friends that we call Aquino Squared. That’s because they’re two girls with the exact same surname and they always seem to come in a package deal. When one comes to the gathering, the other usually follows and if one doesn’t come, well, you get what I mean. 

This is the first of the Aquino Squared (I did this alphabetically), Jean.

This was some time ago. My hair was shorter, darker and I still had bangs. I blame Jean’s schedule for our lack in recent photos together. She is a registered nurse who’s schedule dictates when we can and cannot see her. And I forever find it odd why she randomly texts and doesn’t reply after I reply. Odd. 

But I love Jean. We’ve been friends since Freshman year in high school (although we’ve been classmates a few times in the past). I suppose Harry Potter brought us together, and the fact that we didn’t like the same characters (or actors) from the series let us complement each other better. 

She is someone whom I know will give me the brutal truth if I asked it from her. She is one of the most frank people I know and I totally accept the truth if it came from her. I don’t know what about her gives off this air of authority, but when she tells me the truth, I know it’s because she cares for me and wants to make sure I’m okay (must be her inner-nurse). 

Of everyone in our group, we consider her to be the mother of us all. I hardly recall a reunion when I don’t hear her start some sentence with "Dapat kasi ang gawin mo…" (“What you should do is…”) and only with her do I not think it’s being know-it-all because you do believe that she knows it. 

She’s also one of the funniest people I know. I don’t mean in terms of comedic timing, because she doesn’t make jokes on purpose. When I say comedic, she is just a source of comedy and it’s all natural. Whether it’s because she said something funny, or said something that merits an “ooooh, buuuurn!”, she just does something that makes us burst into laughter. 

Jean never fails to impress me. She knows who she is, the people she deals with, how to do things and just is herself. I always try to take leaves and leaves out of her book with some failure. And, funny, when I say that, I really do feel like she is my mom in some way because she’s someone I admire. :)

90Face: The Brother

Face#04: Anton

I have the lucky privilege of getting along with my younger brother. Actually, based off of the other sibling related stories, I’d say I’m really lucky actually.

I think it’s all got to do with it just being the two of us. My mom always says, “Kayo na nga lang dalawa, magaaway pa kayo?” (It’s already just the two of you, and you’re still going to fight?)

I guess that’s why from a very young age, my mom encouraged me to play, talk and teach my brother a lot. I even remember a time when I offered to teach him script (because his handwriting is terrible). In the end, I just wanted to take care of him. 

He’s silly and we are both fond of the same things so we can talk for a really long time without wanting to tear each other into pieces. He and I still do have our differences though. Hopefully those will never get in the way of our lives in the future. And hopefully in the future, the fact that it is just the two of us to bring our family together for gatherings will not disappoint me. 

We have a language that I believe only we understand, and we love using our dog as the butt of jokes, so I think base off of those two alone, he and I will get along for a long time. 

I laff you bro!! ;)

90Face: Daddy

Faces#04: Daddy

Today you shall meet my dad!

It was just his birthday on Sunday! YEY! \o/

Between my parents, I think I took more of my facial features from my dad: his mouth, nose and (especially) eyebrows (although most people say that I look more like my mom). 

Some of the best things I love about my dad is that he has a sense of humour. True, sometimes my brother and I say “Daddy, o!” at his humour, but we are genuinely amused. He really knows a lot about management and how to deal with people, and I think I get my natural sense of presenting to a crowd from him. Like my dad, I also think that I am witty when I say things. The only difference is that more people get my dad’s wit than mine. ;_;

I admire him so much because while we both get impatient sometimes, he has been very patient in hind sight. He’s a typical dad most times in such that he is quiet and proud most times, but he can also be sweet and vulnerable. :) One funny thing that I actually think is a trait distinct to my dad is his story repetition. Sometimes he forgets that he already told us a certain story, but to me it helps us remember his stories even more. :))

I love you Daddy!!!! :)

90Faces: Chris

Face#03: Chris

Say hi to Chris. :)

(Quick side comment: I’m overjoyed at how slim my face looks in this photo!) 

Anyway! Next to Micah, Chris is probably one of my oldest from grade school that I am stil seeing often now that we’re well into our post-college years.

My history with this guy is as long as it is strange. We both love and dislike the same and different things, which means there are days when we get along suuuuper well and then there are days that I feel like I want to slap his face (which I do—out of endearment :P). It wasn’t always like that though. There was also a time when our disagreements would be untolerable for me that I often wondered why we were friends. 

That aside though, I wouldn’t change a thing. As much as we’ve had our disagreements and clashes, he’s still one of the best friend’s I’ve had. I won’t elaborate further because I don’t want it to get into his head—but he knows all of this already. :)

No bonus photo—although I know Chris wouldn’t have minded me showing his “past” in comparison with his present self. If you see him around, I’m sure he’d show you himself if you ask him. :))

90Faces: Mummy

Face#02: Mummy

It might be weird for some people to hear my brother and I call our mom, Mummy. We (well, originally just I) started to call our mom “Mummy” because of my fascination for the British and my random accent. 

I’ve posted about her before. :)

I hear a lot of people having great relationships with their moms, which is awesome. I’m glad to say that I’m on the same boat as those people because I get along great with my mom. We’re not entirely the same in terms of personality (like I love being in photos while my mom would very rarely have any taken—my brother is the one that got that trait), but I do think we run along the same thread of logic when we think about things. She complements me. For example, I am quite short-tempered when I feel pressured about something or if I don’t feel well, but she’ll calm me right down and remind me why I need to be patient. 

And she’s the epitome of patience for me in so many ways. I wish that I could be more like here when I grow up (more). :)

The only thing that amazes me is that my mummy had me when she was my age. :O

I love you, Mummy! :)

90Faces: Micah

Face #01: Micah

This is Micah.

Let me start Ninety Faces with one of my best friends! 

Micah and I have been friends since the fifth grade, although things didn’t always run smoothly (what relationship really does?) We had rough patch that we, thankfully, got over because I swear that in the years that followed, she really became a source of a lot of strength, patience, fun, etc. for me! 

Of all my friends in high school, Micah was the only one that I was able to spend a significant amount of time in college with. Apart from being 3 from our group of 8 to go to DLSU, she was in a course 70% similar to mine, so as a resulte, we were together a LOT. 

Micah knows this for sure, but we went through a lot of academic, social and mental frustrations in college. I’m so glad that she was there for all that support. I think my university life just would not have been, in any way nearly half as enjoyable and tolerable without her. Really. 

Now that we’ve both finally graduated, I don’t know what’s next for us. She would surely continue to build her Keybie empire and I genuinely hope that graduation does not mean the start of the end of all the fun times. I spent a lot of time with her, but I don’t think I ever tire of it.

Even if I genuinely feel grumpy with her sometimes (like I said, Best Friendships have those too), I definitely love this girl!


Mishie x Micah | December 2001