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Ecstatic Nomadic

I officially have a backlog of blog entries! Woo!

BUT I’m going to cut the chronological order here and post the events from today—primarily because I have less pictures for this one.

Day started with me and my brother heading over to Graphika Manila at the SMX Convention Center!

I wonder why I look teary-eyed. :(

Graphika Manila! It’s my first time! The venue was huge! It took 3 function halls!

Advertising professional, Jerome Austria, talks about this adorable shoot for the VW Star Wars: The Bark Side video that went viral early this year. Link: HERE

After another talk (I missed the talk from CreatePH that I wanted! ;_;), I met up with my college friend who were also, coincidentally, at the event! The only difference was their tickets were free—LUCKY!

Anyway, they invited me to watch The Bourne Legacy with them at Shangrila Plaza. It wasn’t part of my plans at all because I paid for my ticket and I didn’t want to waste it. There was, however, the thought that I never get to hang out with them as much as I would like. So, JUST SAY YES.

It so happened that my other thesismates and another close college friend were coming as well! It would be the first time my thesismates and I properly met up since our thesis defense last year!


We went and watched the film—which a lot of people are excited to watch because a good 50% of the film was set in Manila. They shot for almost a month in different locations and a lot of the streets were blocked off. Most people wanted to see the final outcome.

In another fit of spontaneity, we decided to eat at Little Tokyo! Oh, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world—I’ve been dying to eat there since I was in high school. My family aren’t too big on Japanese food as I was (*coughjapanophilecough*) so this was a dream come true!

The food was so good! And the prices weren’t that bad—standard Japanese prices. I can’t imagine eating (and paying) for these on a regular basis though. It’s all part of what makes eating Japanese special, I suppose.

And we weren’t done! In the final bit of spontaneity, we went to the drive-thru Starbucks in The Fort! I’ve only been in there once, so it was fun to just hang out and have a long catching-up with my friends. 

So I arrived home at 12 midnight. Every one of my friends had a long day/night before but I’m so glad that they came today!



My office friends and I have organized an internal relief drive for the people that need relief goods! It was a great opportunity to help and here’s the fund so far. I’ve contributed a LOT of my clothes (about 70% of those donations are from me at the moment!). I think it was appropriate because I realize just how much clothes I no longer use!

Don’t forget to help in any way you can as well! Honestly, it doesn’t matter what shape or form your donation is, anything will help. 

The Storm with No Name

Almost 3 years ago, our country was “ambushed” by a storm called Ondoy. Now, seeing as it was the monsoon/typhoon season, this was something everyone expected to just pass. There were no winds and no storm signals. So, you can imagine how it surprised us all when a month’s worth of rain poured down in only 6 hours, flooding the Metro and killing hundreds and displacing thousands of people. 

It started a normal, enough day. I’ve experience heavy, insane rain before. Just a week or so ago, I walked through a legit storm and wet the entire front and back on my jeans and sinking my feet into ankle deep water during a 20-minute walk. 

But I knew that yesterday was different. It had been raining, literally, non-stop for the past 24 hours. Strong, soft, strong, soft. Pa-bugso-bugso, they said. Around 5:30pm we were checking the rains from our floor. It seemed normal enough. But once 6pm came, I went down and saw that there was no way I was walking through that rain. I’ve braved rain before. This, I knew, was not my battle to fight.

So for an hour and a half I was stranded in the office with other colleagues. I had also heard word that my brother was stranded at school, the area of which is notorious for flooding as well. Good thing my dad had taken a leave off work that day. He left the house to fetch us both from where we were. 

He drove for me first. I finally got to leave the office at 7:45. I was half-way through watching TARAu. We drove through traffic and floods. I could see cars on the other side of the road, half submerged in water, pedicab drivers almost knee-deep in water—there were even poor commuters that waded through the flood in their pantsuits and bare feet. 

I won’t lie. These are the times I feel most lucky to be me. 

We finally managed to reach my brother after an hour of driving, and returning home after another 1-2 trek through waters. Coming home to our dog, together as a family, made me relieved that at least we made it home. Other people were not (and are not as some people are still stranded out there) as lucky. 

Classes were suspended. Even work was; which is rather rare.

It’s probably not as severe as Ondoy in terms of severity and casualties.  The funny thing is, the rainfall yesterday wasn’t even classified as a typhoon/storm. It’s just being called the 08/07 Rainfall. Here’s a graphic that I found, comparing the two:

I’m sure there are not as many casualties (deaths—if any at all) because we were, in a way, prepared and more alert this time. It’s part of how we’ve evolved as a country.

People are making better calls regarding suspensions and more agile and quicker in organizing relief operations. We use Social Media primarily for news and for spreading information to help people. And I can say now that it is during this time that I feel nothing but benefits in Social Media—using it to guide, inform and help people. Of course, there is also the light-hearted humor about the situation as only we Filipinos can pull off at such a time. 

(yes, I found this quite funny. I do like mermaids. Haha!)

I can say that I am lucky. I live in an area that does not flood. Not during Ondoy, and not now. These storms flood my social media news feeds though, and not in a bad way. It gives me hope that we’re on the right track as a country and that we’ll be okay.

PS. No photos for this one because I don’t want to capture depressing (although true) scenes. Instead, here’s a photo with information on how you can help, just in case you see this post. 


Every now and then, work requires me to step out of the office and immerse myself in social media of a different kind, the original kind: actual human interaction.

Well, it’s not like I don’t get that in the office. I love the people in the office—my type of people! But I think I’m social awkward at heart and an introvert so going out of the office really, sometimes, tests me.

I’m always exhausted after. Yes, I suppose you may blame that on lack of physical activity, but there are also factors that contribute to exhaustion!

1. The Commute - Let’s just say that I was all too, too glad when I graduated from college. It meant, for a while, goodbye to commuting! I sorely dislike it. I can do it, but I don’t like it.

2. The Gastos (expense) - everything to the MRT cards to food expense to other transportation expenses. Looking at my wallet at the end of the day bums me out like no other. HAHA! I’m such a stinge.

3. The “What do I do if” Thoughts - recently, stepping out of the office meant live, on-location social media activities. Lack of net connection, signal, lags, low battery, etc. harras me to no end. No. End. But things usually work out. So there’s at least that.

4. The “It’s in WHERE???” Factor - aside from the commute, the destination itself is a mindful. They’re normally places I would never, ever go to unless I had to.

Regardless, that’s the way things are. And I am exhausted (and I don’t mean exhausted of the work—just the energy spent during that day is GONE). I’m now only stating facts, not complaints.

I hardly have the energy to think of what to add to this. End.

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A Weekend in Photos

My barkada (group of super best friends) and I went to Punta Fuego in Batangas! We aren’t beach-y people so this is super (understatement) rare!

But the day before that I met up with “The Usual 4” at “The Usual” CBTL, The Fort.

*”The Usual 4" is composed of Raisa, Chris, Meo and myself. We’re now called this because aside from being the usual four people to be ever-present in barkada get-togethers, we’re also the first four to meet up at the same place (because Raisa, Meo and I live near-by and Chris is always willing to go to us, wherever we are).

As proof, here we are circa 2010. :))

And here we are now:

A few blog posts ago, too:

Anyway, here’s the rest of the weekend in Instagram photos. Some stolen from Raisa. I’ve yet to upload the photos from my camera and steal some more photos from Jean’s camera.

And yes, I never found my swimsuit. >:E

More photos when I’ve uploaded/stolen them! :)

Swimsuit Woes.

I can probably count with my two hands the number of times I remember ever having gone to the beach. My memory can’t vouch for my childhood, but the number has definitely dwindled in my adolescent life. 

I’ve only ever owned 4 swimsuits: one in my childhood, one in my early teenage years, one in my late teenage years and one in my college years (until now). 

And I’ve never been so overly fond of the beach like most people. I know a lot of people from school and work that say “I can’t wait to go to the beach!” “OMG, let’s go to the beach please!” “I was at the beach over the weekend” “I’m going to the beach with my family, eh.” And I’m like “..I still don’t see it.”

It’s probably because of a number of things: 1. My family never really went to the beach often 2. It’s probably genetic (my parents hardly went to the beach neither) 3. My high school friends aren’t beach people 4. My college friends aren’t beach people. In short, the circles I’ve travelled with in my life, well, aren’t beach-type circles. We’re more the indoorsy-let’s-watch-a-movie-play-games-read-talk-take-photos type, I guess. ANYWAY.

My latest trip to the beach was last December 31. I enjoyed the beach and appreciated the sand and the sea and the view, but I didn’t go in the water. *shudder* sea water.

I could list down the peeves I have about the beach, but I’m not going to do that. Instead, i’m going to talk about my swimsuit. Yeah, all that talk for this. Sorry, but at this point you’ve read to much, you might as well read on.

My latest swimsuit is missing. Yep. I paid for that swimsuit myself two years ago, so it’s relatively new. it is also relatively new because it’s only been in sea water twice in the four beach trips I’ve made over the last 2 years (which is the most it has been in recent years, trust me).

So it’s missing. I have no idea where it went. Last I saw of it was when we went to the beach in December. It’s always been there when I need it—I mean, c’mon, I hardly touch the thing, where is it going to go and how is it going to go anywhere? And I seriously can’t find it. I bought beach shorts to go with it and everything. 

What sucks is that this is trip has my high school friends going. This is our second time to the beach together!!! (Yep, you heard right)! The last time I went to the beach with them was in 2006, SIX years ago.

I didn’t have a swimsuit then because I was a scrooge and not willing to bend for personal preferences, but now I’ve changed and opened myself up to sand in my suit, toes, crevices of my body that I will be annoyed with, in my hair and (possibly) eyes.

I’m ready to have a swimsuit now. 



"MISHIE, this blog was totally useless. What was the point?"

POINT IS: I’m in a delusional woefullness so let me create my useless blog post.

That Time of the Month.

Nope, I’m not talking about that time of the month. I’m talking about that unavoidable trench that I step into every month at work—which means that I have to claw and climb my way back out and move on.

It’s a routine and I expect it. Much to my credit (and allow me some pride here), I have been vastly improving with my work ethic and (ahem) attitude towards it. Oh hey, what do you know, I wasn’t even sarcastic about that!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very a.) good at hiding my emotions and b.) dealing with said emotions behind a screen. Somehow, they show and dealing with them is, similarly, on public display.

But as I said, I really believe I’m getting better. How do I know? Well, I’ve come up with a system.

My body and mind know when it’s coming. When it does, I research ahead. This is one of those things that you just cannot cram, because well cramming has seldom gotten me superb results (though I get the job done). 

3-4 days before the Day of Reckoning Submission the Deadline, I slap myself into The Mode. The Mode is Mishie-speak for, I-zone-everyone-out-and-I-actually-focus-for-once-in-my-life.

And how do you know I’m in The Mode? Well, for one, I stop prohibiting myself from anything. If I want a venti iced green tea latte with soy milk and hazelnut syrup, I’m getting it. If I want to chow down a cup-full of Chinese fried rice and two servings of ulam, you can’t stop me. I need and will give myself anything everything to power me through The Mode.

Also, I dress the eff up. Nothing says “I’M GONNA CONQUER YOU B*****” like dressing to kill succeed. 

I used to not be able to take in any sort of human contact during these 3-4 days. If you tried, you’d have to be prepared to be glared at or be snubbed because, yes, I was pissed and I’m not a.) good at hiding my emotions.

But now. BUT NOW. You can. I’ll even joke around, get up, chat, go down and buy something with you at the convenience store if you invited me to. For me, that is an improvement.

But of course there is the fact that I have just FORBADE myself to hate anything now. ANYTHING. Well, not so much not to hate anything, but to stop myself from expressing it. Sure, work is still work and I’m not obliged to like it, but giving myself that opportunity and outlet to express my dislike, well, only fans the flames of my dislike—if that made any sense.

That’s why I haven’t showed up recently. Yes, work. I’d like to say that I would have found a way, but it was that time of the month.

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I Miss Japan.

I don’t know if it would come as a surprise to most of you that am a Japanophile. One of my biggest dreams in life is to work, live and breathe in Japan. Since I was very young I would be self-studying Japanese so, chotto Nihonggo wo sukoshi hanashi to wakarimasu (I speak and understand a little Japanese).

I think I hit my Most Obsessed Stage back in 2007-2009 when my biggest dream at the time was to watch the 10th anniversary concerts of Arashi, my favorite singing group of all time. 

This is not about them though. 

While I admit to being very, very, very (sigh) fond (understatement) of Japanese language, culture (everything), I was especially in love with their music. While looking through AramaTheyDidn’t today, I saw a new performance of one of my recent favorite groups (perhaps the only Japanese girl group that I like), Scandal. 

This, for reasons I can’t explain made me dig through my favorites from my Most Obsessed Stage. Here are some of them which I can easily dig up the whole name, artist and drama/films they are from, from memory.

Disclaimer: Most All of these are ballad-ish songs. 

Ikimono Gakari. I’m not sure why, but I adore mixed groups in Japan. Perhaps it’s because it’s quite rare (well, not as rare as mixed groups are in Kpop). I like them as well as AAA (though, they are a more upbeat genre of Jpop). 

You will notice that I love emotional songs when it comes to Jpop, Kitto Eien Ni is only one of the many. It’s the thing I love about Jpop, there is so much more about love and life and less about flirting, cheating, breaking up which is more Kpop (and dance-y). I have nothing against Kpop (I will probably write about that too) but it’s this emotion and passion that makes me love Jpop.

Anyway, Crystal Kay is one of the many half-Japanese that I admire. This particular song is from Boku no Imouto ni Koi wo Suru. :)

Winding Road by Kobokuro x Ayaka is one of my favorite collaborations. Both Kobokuro and Ayaka separately are amazing artists in their own right and coming together like this makes me happy. This is also one of the very first Ayaka songs I loved and it really made me fall in love with her voice.

Another will-make-you-cry song. If you haven’t watched Akai Ito (both film and drama) you must

Kimi no Te by ELT (which stands for Every Little Thing) is the most played song in my iPod Mini (yep, even more played than any Arashi song). Funnily enough, I just found this song randomly on YouTube. ELT is a very old duo but they’re around until now and Kimi no Te is an old song (meaning, not from 2007-2009).

Otsuka Ai’s Planetarium (above) is probably one of the very first Jpop songs to make me cry just by listening to it. For those that think it a familiar song but just can’t seem to remember where it’s from, it’s the insert song from Season 1 of Hana Yori Dango. Yep. Buckets ‘o tears. 

I’m sure there are more that I couldn’t think of at the moment. I love way too many Jpop songs, but these are the top-of-mind, perhaps because these are the ones that have at least 100x repeat (no joke) in my iPod. 

One of the things I fail to understand is why Sony, AVEX, JE, etc. are taking down the PVs that have been put up on YouTube. Kpop agencies like JYP, YG, SM, etc are doing well with their channels, I can’t see why they can’t do the same. 

On that note, one last song I want to share was one I couldn’t find even the audio of on YouTube. I found it on Vimeo though. Harhar. This one is from Ryuusei no Kizuna sung by Mika Nakashima. If she seems familiar, it’s because she played NaNa in the film version.

The main actress in this PV is Toda Erika who is perhaps best known as the protagonist in LIAR GAME. If she seems familiar somewhere else, it’s probably because, with Arashi alone, she’s already worked with Jun in Hana Yori Dango, Nino in Ryuusei no Kizuna and Ohno in Kagi. I love and envy this girl so much!

I’ll leave you with a happier song though, this is the insert song from Voice, GreeeeN’s Setsuna. You have to watch that drama too, omg.

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Only the Good

How shall I tell you about my day? Is all of it worth telling?

Let’s just do this: in the hope of eliminating from my mind anything negative that happened today, I shan’t mention it anymore. I’ll focus mainly on my bonding times with a couple of officemates and my friend, Chris. 

Despite loads of work, I still find it the best (and most worth it) times when I learn more about my officemates. It was one thing that I didn’t expect really when I entered “the workforce.” Going into it, my mindset was to sit at my desk, work-work-and-work, and that’s it. Luckily, I still got to meet a few great people. :)

It’s always fun, for me, to meet and try to understand people that have different views and life goals from my own. What I find even more fascinating is still getting along with them really well despite all that. I gain more insight about their personality and am even presented with a few perspectives that I haven’t considered before. 

Hmm. I have no proper segue. 

Being spontaneous. It’s a real fail on my part because there are just so many variables to consider. Anyhow, I like being able to do something that wasn’t really part of my original plan such as having dinner with Chris. 

As conversations with long-time friends go, we talk about each other and how we’ve changed (or maybe not changed) in the many years we’ve been friends. A subject that we found ourselves in earlier is on how different we are (or at least I am) with different groups of people. That “being myself” is not the same or consistent for each group I spend time with—and maybe that “chameleon-ness” was who I am. OR, was it just being a people-pleaser? 

What are your thoughts? :)

Also, photo! Because I think that all posts should have at least one!

About Lizzie Again.

Something Happened to My Drafted Post.

Ugh. Hassle. For some reason, the draft that I had been working on last night disappeared just like that. POOF.

Oh. All well and good I suppose. I was pretty scatter-brained while writing it. It must be the Blogging Gods (Bloggods?) that wiped out the draft to save me from writing something not worth reading.

Without going into too much, excruciating detail yesterday was a pretty rough day. As I mention in my vlog (embedded below), I hardly slept which is a wonder as to why I still managed to stay up late last night. Neehoo, I needed a pick-me-up (or a wind-me-down?)so I could go to sleep comfortably. But as I so promised myself to keep up this Project 90, I headed to Tumblr after recording my vlog.

AND, it was upon opening Tumblr with some photos in mind to post, I saw this on my dashboard.


And all the things that had originally been in my mind to blog about was gone. POOF.

Surely, anyone who is anyone (including me) understands that 1.) I am only one among hundreds and thousands of fans of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and 2.) They (the cast) probably like and favorite and, maybe, even reblog content from fans via their own Tumblr accounts. But, you know, what the hell—I’m a fan and fangirl I shall over this!

It is precisely because of Number 1 that fangirls (noun), well, fangirl (verb)! Because out of all the possible content they see about them, they chose to like mine. I mean, yeah, they might like, favorite and reblog fans works frequently, but I doubt they do it with every single fan content they see. Otherwise, how are they living (airquotes) normal (/airquotes) lives?

I also, somewhere during the rendering of my video blog about LBD (which I will be posting here as a twofer blog/vlog entry), one of the LBD writers Rachel Kiley (who also liked my LBD blog post) tweeted the link to the new episode. Man, was I wild last night.

So to recap, I was pretty wild last night—in a non-alcoholic, purely only-fangirls-will-understand kind of way. 

90Faces: Raisa

Face#06: Raisa

Yesterday I introduced you to the first half of Aquino Squared (half? root?), Jean. Today, please meet Raisa! :)

Believe it or not, just like Jean, one of the biggest reasons she and I became friends was because of Harry Potter. And just like Jean, it was because they liked Dan and I liked Rupert. No competition or debate, I’m into that friendship. And thus.

Raisa is only also a day older than I am, making us almost twins (but not really—at all)! She’s also very naturally funny. I don’t know if it’s because of her child-like voice, or just her light mood. Her laugh is also quite hilarious. Sometimes I laugh just because of her laugh—which shouldn’t make sense but it does.

Just like with all of my friends, we’ve travelled long roads together both figuratively and literally. She used to live in Laguna and we actually managed to go to her house once or twice during high school! 

I’ve hit rough patches with her as well. I guess any healthy relationship both romantic and friendly go through it—because how will it grow and mature? I’m glad to say though that she’s still a very good friend of mine. 

I think of all my friends, she has progressed the most in terms of career. Perhaps it’s because she graduated quickly from college and has been in “the real world” longer, or because she is just that good at what she does. Either way, she is the peg for myself on my career timetable when it comes to advancing toward the next step. 

Honestly speaking, there a lot of things about Raisa that surprise me. I guess because we’ve had this perception of her being child-like (is it the voice?) that some of the advancements in her life surprise us (okay, maybe just me?) when she tells us about them. Case in point is, she’s getting her own condo! :O So exciting and unexpected! But I’m glad she does (surprise us) because that means our friendship is always still fresh and we continue to get to know more about each other.

I don’t know how to end this, so. End.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Not many people know (yet) that I consider myself part of an online community that exists on YouTube in which the “community” part is still very much debatable. That isn’t what this particular blog is about but it is connected (cue segue) to another thing that is debatable about YouTube, the pride and prejudice of some people on there. 

Not sure if I segued right. Hmm.

Today I was led to a webseries by a favorite vlogger of mine. I’m not really much into webseries, which, considering how involved I consider myself to be in the interwebs, is strange—but nevertheless, something called me to this one. Perhaps because I heard that it was—wait for it—an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. 

You got me at adaptation. Couple with that the fact that it is on YouTube and you pretty much bought me on concept alone. 

I don’t know if many of you are familiar with LonelyGirl15. It was a video blog by, you guessed it, LonelyGirl15, who told her story through video blogs until the story got controversial. It was outed as a web series, scripted and all and has since been the only one (to my knowledge, at least) of its kind since 2006.

Most web-series are all third person, meaning shows that you watch as regular shows. None of them used the vlogging concept as a way to tell stories, although funnily enough, I’ve seen a lot of TV shows have vlogger/blogger characters that never really translate into the Internet (ie. Awkward.). 

ANYWAY, enough hubbub. I will now talk about Lizzie Bennet.

To make the long story short, I LOVE THIS SERIES OMG. Regardless if you have or have not read P&P, you will surely appreciate this series. The way is done is flawless and the casting is great! I am in LOVE with the characters and the way they are so believable as people from this day and age. 

I. just. can’t. 

In addition to the love I have from the production of this series, I also love it from a Social Media standpoint. I always love the idea of bringing characters to life and the web presence of the Bennet Sisters (and Charlotte) just make me feel so much more connected to them! 

There really isn’t anything comprehensible for me to say except: YOU BETTER GIVE THIS SERIES A SHOT TOO! :) And because I’m serious, I’m embedding the first episode here to save you the hassle of searching. 

90Faces: Jean

Face#05: Jean

There are two girls in my group of high school friends that we call Aquino Squared. That’s because they’re two girls with the exact same surname and they always seem to come in a package deal. When one comes to the gathering, the other usually follows and if one doesn’t come, well, you get what I mean. 

This is the first of the Aquino Squared (I did this alphabetically), Jean.

This was some time ago. My hair was shorter, darker and I still had bangs. I blame Jean’s schedule for our lack in recent photos together. She is a registered nurse who’s schedule dictates when we can and cannot see her. And I forever find it odd why she randomly texts and doesn’t reply after I reply. Odd. 

But I love Jean. We’ve been friends since Freshman year in high school (although we’ve been classmates a few times in the past). I suppose Harry Potter brought us together, and the fact that we didn’t like the same characters (or actors) from the series let us complement each other better. 

She is someone whom I know will give me the brutal truth if I asked it from her. She is one of the most frank people I know and I totally accept the truth if it came from her. I don’t know what about her gives off this air of authority, but when she tells me the truth, I know it’s because she cares for me and wants to make sure I’m okay (must be her inner-nurse). 

Of everyone in our group, we consider her to be the mother of us all. I hardly recall a reunion when I don’t hear her start some sentence with "Dapat kasi ang gawin mo…" (“What you should do is…”) and only with her do I not think it’s being know-it-all because you do believe that she knows it. 

She’s also one of the funniest people I know. I don’t mean in terms of comedic timing, because she doesn’t make jokes on purpose. When I say comedic, she is just a source of comedy and it’s all natural. Whether it’s because she said something funny, or said something that merits an “ooooh, buuuurn!”, she just does something that makes us burst into laughter. 

Jean never fails to impress me. She knows who she is, the people she deals with, how to do things and just is herself. I always try to take leaves and leaves out of her book with some failure. And, funny, when I say that, I really do feel like she is my mom in some way because she’s someone I admire. :)

Dream Diary

I’m typing this really quickly before I lose the details. 

I dreamt last night of something quite bizzarre. Some friends and I were dressed up for a party but they decided to change before we go to another venue so were were in this second-level storage dress store. I was looking for a dress that I had seen previously, but the size I wanted wasn’t there so I had to ask the sales lady to get it for me. 

However, my friends (two of them—and I can’t remember their faces now) were hassling me to hurry up and I just couldn’t find another dress. I was looking for a specific print because all of them looked the same to me (like an old-ish nautical design. I’ll look for it and put it in when I find it). 

When the size never came, I got frustrated and said “Bakit pa kasi kelangan magpalit ng damit? Pinaghirapan ko itong isang outfit ko!” (“Why do we have to change clothes anyway? I worked so hard to find this outfit I have right now”) So I said I wouldn’t go with them anymore and changed back into what was my old high school uniform. I was so angry that marching off and away from the Store, I saw Officemate 1 being dragged away from the party by her dad. She looked at me, trying to ask for help but I knew that in that dream I was cross with her so I just buttoned by school blouse and stomped home. 

Then I woke up (in my dream) because I heard noises and jeers outside my room (which in reality is my brother’s room). I stepped out of the room, pambahay (house clothes) and all to see that there were some ACP/Air Force people in the stairway, cheering on a guy that was doing a gazillion push-ups on it. I knew these people, they were my classmates in high school at some point. And my dream mind knew that these were the people that ended up liking ACP so much (ACP was a Air Force practice we had in school every Thursday afternoon for the entire year) that they decided to do it full time. This guy that they were cheering on, my dream heart stopped a moment because I haven’t seen this guy in years—it was the guy I liked toward the latter half of high school and well into college (we went to the same university after). In my dream’s mind, I was saying, “Oh my God. I haven’t seen him in forever. What is he doing in my house?” But somehow I knew that I was the one that invited them there in the first place. 

After he did his push-ups, they all cheered for him. I was watching them while fixing up the charger for my MacBook Pro. Then he came towards me and sat on the bench that I was on (why a bench was in my house, I would never know). 

He sat next to me.

"Hey," I said, winding the cord of my charger, "That was awesome."

"Thanks," he said.

"How are you?" I said, "I haven’t seen you in a long, long while." I gave him a genuine smile, because I HAD not seen him in a long time.

"I haven’t seen myself in a long time," he replied. 

That made my mind stopped. What did THAT mean?  And I couldn’t remember what exactly I said after that, but I do remember what he said in reply. 

"Whaaat? That’s way too deep," he said, looking at me as if I had just disgusted him. 

"You’re the one that said that ‘I haven’t seen myself in a long time’." I said, aghast at his tone.

I stared at him for a moment longer, taking in what just happened and at the whole of him, how long I hadn’t seen him and his face, not hearing his voice. And then rolled my eyes, grabbed my changer and walked off. My mind’s eye was thinking, “What the hell was that? That was fudging ridiculous.”

My other officemates were in the house as well, although in the further part of it. It was night time already so I walked toward the field area where they were. The more I walked to them, I think the more the background behind me changed because it turned into a stage with a lot of people on it. 

I walked toward my officemate who seemed to be practicing something, but in a very chill way. I knew in my head that they were practicing for a dance contest, and I just remembered that I was part of it. 

Officemate 2 came up to me and said that Officemate 1 wasn’t going to make the show. I told Officemate 2 that I had seen Officemate 1 being dragged of by her dad. I also told him that we’ll be fine. 

Then the music started on the stage, a group was going to perform. I knew a bunch of the people, also high school people I knew from CSA. As they were dancing, we didn’t pay them any mind, but I was going through their names one by one under my breath, trying to remember where in CSA I had known them from and how they were good or not good in dancing. 

"Oh," I told Officemate 2, "Do you want to see the guy I used to like in high school?" 

He smiled—or rather grinned, "Sige nga." (Rough translation is “Alright, let’s have a look.”)

I pointed to him that “rather, buff guy that was doing the push-ups on the stairs earlier” and then Officemate 2 laughed. 

"And you told me you didn’t like buff guys." Something about the way he said it made it sound like I’ve talked to him about something before, that I forgot until now. His face as also awkward-ish. As if this particular conversation was hard for him to have. 

"I don’t!" I said in defense. I laughed and was shaking my head, "I swear to God he looked nothing like that in high school. He was thin—well, no he was chubby-ish but he was never that buff."

The number on the stage ended. And it got a wild applause. It was our turn and suddenly my officemates got serious. 

"Did you see that?" Officemate 3 said. "They were crazy good. We’ve never even so much as practiced."

Okay lang yan! (That’s alright!)” said Officemate 4, “Bahala na. (Only other translation I can think of—“Que sera sera.”)

Suddenly we were in colorful, fuzzy onesies. And I was nervous that I didn’t know anything in the routine. I remember my name being called, an alum of CSA and my cheer was minimal. Then the music started and I knew the song, surprisingly; as if my body knew exactly what to do at that certain moment. It was a broadway song and I was actually enjoying myself. Our stage had synthetic grass on it. I was reminded of the Tellytubbies. At some point I rolled off and slid off-stage. Another officemate (whom I can’t recall) rolled off too.

"We’re pretty good actually," she said.

I nodded, “Surprisingly, yes!” We both laughed.

And my dog barked me awake. 

90Face: The Brother

Face#04: Anton

I have the lucky privilege of getting along with my younger brother. Actually, based off of the other sibling related stories, I’d say I’m really lucky actually.

I think it’s all got to do with it just being the two of us. My mom always says, “Kayo na nga lang dalawa, magaaway pa kayo?” (It’s already just the two of you, and you’re still going to fight?)

I guess that’s why from a very young age, my mom encouraged me to play, talk and teach my brother a lot. I even remember a time when I offered to teach him script (because his handwriting is terrible). In the end, I just wanted to take care of him. 

He’s silly and we are both fond of the same things so we can talk for a really long time without wanting to tear each other into pieces. He and I still do have our differences though. Hopefully those will never get in the way of our lives in the future. And hopefully in the future, the fact that it is just the two of us to bring our family together for gatherings will not disappoint me. 

We have a language that I believe only we understand, and we love using our dog as the butt of jokes, so I think base off of those two alone, he and I will get along for a long time. 

I laff you bro!! ;)

90Face: Daddy

Faces#04: Daddy

Today you shall meet my dad!

It was just his birthday on Sunday! YEY! \o/

Between my parents, I think I took more of my facial features from my dad: his mouth, nose and (especially) eyebrows (although most people say that I look more like my mom). 

Some of the best things I love about my dad is that he has a sense of humour. True, sometimes my brother and I say “Daddy, o!” at his humour, but we are genuinely amused. He really knows a lot about management and how to deal with people, and I think I get my natural sense of presenting to a crowd from him. Like my dad, I also think that I am witty when I say things. The only difference is that more people get my dad’s wit than mine. ;_;

I admire him so much because while we both get impatient sometimes, he has been very patient in hind sight. He’s a typical dad most times in such that he is quiet and proud most times, but he can also be sweet and vulnerable. :) One funny thing that I actually think is a trait distinct to my dad is his story repetition. Sometimes he forgets that he already told us a certain story, but to me it helps us remember his stories even more. :))

I love you Daddy!!!! :)