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Hello, July!

Last July 1st, my dad celebrated his 51st birthday! And upon the suggestion of my aunt, we went out of town for the day and spent the day at Tagaytay! 

It was our first time to go to Taal Vista Hotel. We used to go to the area to ride on horseback (an area that is still there!) and this time I was surprised at how pretty the hotel is!

Roots showing. >:E

I believe the architectural influence here is Dutch-ish? :)

Our table! <3

The grounds of Taal Vista are so pretty! If it hadn’t been so hot at noontime, my brother and I could have stayed out there and taken photos all day!

Just look at that view!

Nerdfighters out there, this is the location John Green pointed out for the Evil Baby Orphanage!

Happy Birthday, Daddy! :)

When it was time to eat, there was a cultural dance show going on. I was so distracted (I love dance) that I took a gajilion photos!

This is a mating ritual where the woman has to put iron pots on her head and dance with them on. 

She put them on and stood up so fast—whoa! My aunt said she held some of the pots and they were legit heavy!

This was the highlight for me—Sayaw sa Banko! I’ve seen the version of this with some benches lined up on the floor, but this was the first I saw in pyramid form! Awesome!

And now, the tinikling!

As I was setting up to take photos for the tinikling, this cutie went in front of me, turned around and covered his ears! So CUTE!

Aww, poor thing! :))

And to end this gigantic photo spam, here is an awesome photo my brother took of me behind some glass!