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My first big project at work! I was so honored to be trusted with this and I just love how it is just bursting with color! :”)

My first big project at work! I was so honored to be trusted with this and I just love how it is just bursting with color! :”)

Ecstatic Nomadic

I officially have a backlog of blog entries! Woo!

BUT I’m going to cut the chronological order here and post the events from today—primarily because I have less pictures for this one.

Day started with me and my brother heading over to Graphika Manila at the SMX Convention Center!

I wonder why I look teary-eyed. :(

Graphika Manila! It’s my first time! The venue was huge! It took 3 function halls!

Advertising professional, Jerome Austria, talks about this adorable shoot for the VW Star Wars: The Bark Side video that went viral early this year. Link: HERE

After another talk (I missed the talk from CreatePH that I wanted! ;_;), I met up with my college friend who were also, coincidentally, at the event! The only difference was their tickets were free—LUCKY!

Anyway, they invited me to watch The Bourne Legacy with them at Shangrila Plaza. It wasn’t part of my plans at all because I paid for my ticket and I didn’t want to waste it. There was, however, the thought that I never get to hang out with them as much as I would like. So, JUST SAY YES.

It so happened that my other thesismates and another close college friend were coming as well! It would be the first time my thesismates and I properly met up since our thesis defense last year!


We went and watched the film—which a lot of people are excited to watch because a good 50% of the film was set in Manila. They shot for almost a month in different locations and a lot of the streets were blocked off. Most people wanted to see the final outcome.

In another fit of spontaneity, we decided to eat at Little Tokyo! Oh, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world—I’ve been dying to eat there since I was in high school. My family aren’t too big on Japanese food as I was (*coughjapanophilecough*) so this was a dream come true!

The food was so good! And the prices weren’t that bad—standard Japanese prices. I can’t imagine eating (and paying) for these on a regular basis though. It’s all part of what makes eating Japanese special, I suppose.

And we weren’t done! In the final bit of spontaneity, we went to the drive-thru Starbucks in The Fort! I’ve only been in there once, so it was fun to just hang out and have a long catching-up with my friends. 

So I arrived home at 12 midnight. Every one of my friends had a long day/night before but I’m so glad that they came today!



My office friends and I have organized an internal relief drive for the people that need relief goods! It was a great opportunity to help and here’s the fund so far. I’ve contributed a LOT of my clothes (about 70% of those donations are from me at the moment!). I think it was appropriate because I realize just how much clothes I no longer use!

Don’t forget to help in any way you can as well! Honestly, it doesn’t matter what shape or form your donation is, anything will help. 

A Weekend in Photos

My barkada (group of super best friends) and I went to Punta Fuego in Batangas! We aren’t beach-y people so this is super (understatement) rare!

But the day before that I met up with “The Usual 4” at “The Usual” CBTL, The Fort.

*”The Usual 4" is composed of Raisa, Chris, Meo and myself. We’re now called this because aside from being the usual four people to be ever-present in barkada get-togethers, we’re also the first four to meet up at the same place (because Raisa, Meo and I live near-by and Chris is always willing to go to us, wherever we are).

As proof, here we are circa 2010. :))

And here we are now:

A few blog posts ago, too:

Anyway, here’s the rest of the weekend in Instagram photos. Some stolen from Raisa. I’ve yet to upload the photos from my camera and steal some more photos from Jean’s camera.

And yes, I never found my swimsuit. >:E

More photos when I’ve uploaded/stolen them! :)

Hello, July!

Last July 1st, my dad celebrated his 51st birthday! And upon the suggestion of my aunt, we went out of town for the day and spent the day at Tagaytay! 

It was our first time to go to Taal Vista Hotel. We used to go to the area to ride on horseback (an area that is still there!) and this time I was surprised at how pretty the hotel is!

Roots showing. >:E

I believe the architectural influence here is Dutch-ish? :)

Our table! <3

The grounds of Taal Vista are so pretty! If it hadn’t been so hot at noontime, my brother and I could have stayed out there and taken photos all day!

Just look at that view!

Nerdfighters out there, this is the location John Green pointed out for the Evil Baby Orphanage!

Happy Birthday, Daddy! :)

When it was time to eat, there was a cultural dance show going on. I was so distracted (I love dance) that I took a gajilion photos!

This is a mating ritual where the woman has to put iron pots on her head and dance with them on. 

She put them on and stood up so fast—whoa! My aunt said she held some of the pots and they were legit heavy!

This was the highlight for me—Sayaw sa Banko! I’ve seen the version of this with some benches lined up on the floor, but this was the first I saw in pyramid form! Awesome!

And now, the tinikling!

As I was setting up to take photos for the tinikling, this cutie went in front of me, turned around and covered his ears! So CUTE!

Aww, poor thing! :))

And to end this gigantic photo spam, here is an awesome photo my brother took of me behind some glass!

90Faces: Chris

Face#03: Chris

Say hi to Chris. :)

(Quick side comment: I’m overjoyed at how slim my face looks in this photo!) 

Anyway! Next to Micah, Chris is probably one of my oldest from grade school that I am stil seeing often now that we’re well into our post-college years.

My history with this guy is as long as it is strange. We both love and dislike the same and different things, which means there are days when we get along suuuuper well and then there are days that I feel like I want to slap his face (which I do—out of endearment :P). It wasn’t always like that though. There was also a time when our disagreements would be untolerable for me that I often wondered why we were friends. 

That aside though, I wouldn’t change a thing. As much as we’ve had our disagreements and clashes, he’s still one of the best friend’s I’ve had. I won’t elaborate further because I don’t want it to get into his head—but he knows all of this already. :)

No bonus photo—although I know Chris wouldn’t have minded me showing his “past” in comparison with his present self. If you see him around, I’m sure he’d show you himself if you ask him. :))

Goodbye, June!

Entry 1: Goodbye, June!

(I promise that most of these won’t be this long)

I start off my Project 90 entries today! Here I shall tell you about my last day of June. There was a lot of things that happened that day. First was meeting with my friend, Micah, whom I haven’t seen for months. I was thinking of bringing her with me to Social Media day during the afternoon that was happening then. 

My first mullet skirt! I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw this at Landmark! All colorful and floral—two of my favorite things! :)

"Fashion Blogger" Pose

Mishie’s Pose

In the driver’s seat. I missed driving after not having done so in weeks. We might be selling this car of ours soon. :( I will miss it so!!!

Finally saw my best friend Micah after almost six months! She was at school finishing her thesis and she had health issues thus not being able to come to our previous gatherings. 

Micah’s aunt treated us to some lovely gelato at Caffe Ti-amo! :) As per usual, lots of feel good, what-if and serious heart-to-heart talk with two of my best friends!

Then after an interesting and unexpected talk with Micah’s aunt about love and life, Micah was off for home and Chris and I headed to Social Media Day!

Went off to The Fort after Social Media Day to meet up with our friend Meo! We were craving for Japanese food (and determined to go to a bar after) so, we ended up here!

We walked all over The Fort (almost literally, actually! We ended up staying in the area until 1am which might not sound like a big deal for some people but it is for us, socially inept people).

To be honest, we were laughing so much at ourselves. We were trying to get into clubs/bars but we hadn’t a clue how, what time to go there, how to talk to people, what to do. We totally felt like Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard from The Big Bang Theory, trying to socialize and be hip. :))

Here’s proof of our inept-ness!

Here’s where so sort of ended up!

First entry: done! Welcome to Project 90! :)

90Faces: Micah

Face #01: Micah

This is Micah.

Let me start Ninety Faces with one of my best friends! 

Micah and I have been friends since the fifth grade, although things didn’t always run smoothly (what relationship really does?) We had rough patch that we, thankfully, got over because I swear that in the years that followed, she really became a source of a lot of strength, patience, fun, etc. for me! 

Of all my friends in high school, Micah was the only one that I was able to spend a significant amount of time in college with. Apart from being 3 from our group of 8 to go to DLSU, she was in a course 70% similar to mine, so as a resulte, we were together a LOT. 

Micah knows this for sure, but we went through a lot of academic, social and mental frustrations in college. I’m so glad that she was there for all that support. I think my university life just would not have been, in any way nearly half as enjoyable and tolerable without her. Really. 

Now that we’ve both finally graduated, I don’t know what’s next for us. She would surely continue to build her Keybie empire and I genuinely hope that graduation does not mean the start of the end of all the fun times. I spent a lot of time with her, but I don’t think I ever tire of it.

Even if I genuinely feel grumpy with her sometimes (like I said, Best Friendships have those too), I definitely love this girl!


Mishie x Micah | December 2001

So Far the Most Effective Diet

About a month ago, I decided to go on a super cleanse and detox diet. Basically I ate nothing but fruits and vegetables—not even milk. I have never been disciplined enough to properly go through a strict diet (aka I always break it/cheat). But something about this diet was different.

After two weeks of pure fruits and veggies, I let myself eat normally before going into another type of detox diet, otherwise known as the GM Diet. I was lucky enough to have some officemates trying it as well, otherwise I wouldn’t have been difficult. 

Of course, this is not everything that I ate. Most times I forgot to take photos because I was avoiding getting hungry. To be fair, water and light, distributed meals really curbed my appetite and it decreased it too. Drinking a lot of water really helped too like nobody’s business. :)

But since the first time I went on a detox diet, to the end of my GM diet, I lost a total of about 5-7lbs. I wouldn’t dare over-estimate because I want to assume that once I eat normally, I’ll gain 1-2lbs back. :(

The plan is that I’ll go back to this diet every other week to make sure I stabilize my weight and, hopefully, inch my way to a lower and lower weight. 

So these have been the most successful 4weeks of my dieting life! And that wasn’t even with any exercise. Next time I start doing this, I’ll do some walking. Wish me luck!

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My Mum in Her Childhood

I’ve been tasked by my mum recently to look for a certain photo of her and her brother. I dug through her albums looking for it, and found a few treasures for myself. 

It’s not news to anyone that I’m a sentimental junkie. I keep photos, letters, tickets, post-its of just about anything that I know meant something to me because I know that I would love to see it again in the future and, just like with me finding value in looking at my mom’s photos, my own children can get a glimpse of me in my childhood.

My mom would sorely dislike to find out that I’ve posted this here for the internet to see, but I’ll reason with her. All these photos I find to be so beautiful and inspiring. Not to mention, the 70’s-80’s feel of them make me so jealous. 

My mom, her sisters and my lola (grandmother). My mom is on the far right. This was taken on the day of her eldest sister’s wedding. I’m guessing that my mom was around 17-18 years old here. 

I find this photo special because I can only see an explosion of prettiness here. My mom comes from a big family and usually has her 3 brothers and dad in the photos too, so having this photo of just the girls is sweet. :)

During her freshman year in college, my mom took a trip with her best friend to Europe and the US. To Europe and the US, people. According to my mom, this was the time when a peso was only Php10 to a dollar. Many teenage girls dream of taking a trip like this just by themselves and my mom was one of the few that actually accomplished it!

I also happen to like this shot because my mom’s outfit was so pretty. Early fashion blogger, perhaps? Well, if blogs had existed in the 1983, maybe.

Me mum in fron’ o’ Buckin’am Palace. 

Words cannot express my love for this photo. Maybe because it’s my mum, maybe because it’s the 80’s, maybe because of the vintage feel of this photo, or maybe because it’s in England. I will re-create this photo one day and it will be with me in it. :)

Washington, DC. I just love the whole composition of this photo. There really is no stand-out feature here apart from that and, oh, the Washington Monument behind my mom. :)

I love the pictures of my mom being all tourist-y. I guess part of the reason I love seeing loads of pictures of her is because she’s not fond of being in photos, especially now in her more adult life. So I love seeing her in just her funny, sweet teenage self. I’d like to think that, had I been thin in my teens, I’d look 90% like my mom. 

Okay, so it might be unfair that I posted my mom’s photos while posting none of my own. So: